Commercial Cleaning for Kitchen

If you are an Office/Property Manager, or even Facility Manager, and you oversee an industrial or commercial kitchen at your business, you cannot miss what you are going to read now about commercial cleaning for kitchen.   This information is crucial to maintaining a safe, hygienic, and efficient workspace. DBS Building Services provides Commercial Cleaning for Kitchens.… Continue reading Commercial Cleaning for Kitchen

8 Ways to Keep Your Medical Office Clean

Medical Office Cleaning We do not want to lose you as a client! We will give you ways to keep your Medical Office Clean, but you still need recurring cleaning from Commercial Cleaning Professionals who will remove the dirt you will not have time to do during Business Hours. Your Environment Reflects Your Care This… Continue reading 8 Ways to Keep Your Medical Office Clean

Residential Cleaning vs Commercial Cleaning

Residential Cleaning vs Commercial Cleaning: You should read this post! It clarifies our position in the Cleaning Market! We appreciate customers when they contact us for Residential Cleaning, but DBS Building Services is specialized in Commercial Cleaning Services. We take care of the details If you own a commercial space, you know there are more challenges than… Continue reading Residential Cleaning vs Commercial Cleaning