10 Most Common Questions about Carpet Cleaning

Increasing your knowledge with Questions about Carpet Cleaning!


Carpet Cleaning is one of the many services DBS Building Services provides. These questions are not in order of importance. We selected the most common ones our clients have had about it:


Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Stains?

There are varying levels of stains found on carpets, ranging from surface level to deep down stains. The ones located deeper inside the carpet require significantly more work to remove. Usually, they come from dog pee, or liquids that were not spot cleaned right away.


Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Dangerous?

These chemicals are dangerous, but it must not be a concern for your business once your carpet receives Green Cleaning to make your environment safer, protect your health, provide better air quality, and help the environment. Great Carpet Cleaning professionals will take the steps and serve as an example towards being greener so that everyone can benefit from the change.


How Long Will it Take for a Carpet to Dry after Cleaning?

The average time for a carpet to dry after cleaning is about 12 hours. The process of waiting for the carpet to be completely dry can make all the difference so carpets can be free from stains and contaminants.

People also ask How Long After Carpet Cleaning they can put the furniture back. We repeat the number of hours. Also, we reinforce that it is up to them to decide when they can do it. We ask them to use good sense. This way, the drying process won’t be compromised.


Can Carpet Cleaning Kill Bugs?

Carpet Cleaning can kill bugs. The best way to do it to move the furniture away from the surface. Make sure there are no bugs clung to the furniture. Then, combine a process involving vacuum and steamer. If the cleaner takes all these precautions, then everything will work effectively.


Can Carpet Cleaning Cause Mold?

Carpet Cleaning can cause mold if the process to clean the carpet is not proper. A competent cleaner should never soak your carpet to let it happen. With the correct Cleaning Process, the carpet will be fully dry in 12 hours. It will avoid issues like that.


Can Carpet Cleaning Ruin the Carpet?

If an inexperienced cleaner does not take the proper care, the carpet cleaning can ruin the carpet. Also, if not properly maintained, the carpet will accumulate dirt, contaminants, mold, and toxins. Doing it the right way will avoid all of these dangers and contribute to the health of your carpet.


Outdated and old equipment can cause dangers. A cleaning company should be responsible for the life of the clients and use safety equipment, cleaning practices, and proper solutions. With this advice, you as a client won’t need to be concerned about toxic carpet cleaning fumes.


Carpets can smell if they don’t dry properly. Wet and soaked carpets will cause a bad smell. It is why people should respect the time to dry the carpet after cleaning.


It is the answer our company gives: We have cleaned all kinds of carpets, and none of them have shrunk during the cleaning process.


It is possible to remove any animal urine and to solve this issue. DBS Building Services uses a specialized pet stain remover to neutralize the odor. It brings freshness again.

I hope you have enjoyed the questions about carpet cleaning and the answers we give to clients and people interested in our products. Complete the for below!



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