Biohazard Clean-Up

Prepare yourself for this reading. It may sound too technical, but the Biohazard Clean-Up topic demands this type of language.  


Biohazards refer to any biological substance that poses a threat to the health of living organisms, including humans.


It includes things like blood, bodily fluids, and certain microorganisms. Also, this blog post will show you why Biohazard Cleanup is not a DIY task.


Where Does Exposure to Biohazards Occur?

Exposure to biohazards can occur in homes, workplaces, and public places. Common examples include:

  • Crime scenes
  • Trauma scenes
  • Hoarder houses
  • Methamphetamine labs
  • Suicides
  • Unattended deaths


Common Biohazard Clean-up Cases

Biohazard cleanup cases include:


  • Blood and bodily fluid cleanup
  • Decontamination of homes or buildings
  • Removal of hazardous waste
  • Cleanup of methamphetamine labs
  • Disinfection and sanitization of homes and buildings

How a Biohazard Clean-up Operates

When a professional biohazard cleanup company is called in to handle a case, they will assess the situation and determine the appropriate course of action.

They will then use specialized equipment and techniques to remove and dispose of any biohazards present safely. It includes things like personal protective equipment and chemical disinfectants.


Biohazard Clean-Up Process

It typically involves several steps, including:

  • Containment: Setting up barriers to prevent the spread of biohazards to other areas.
  • Removal: Removing any visible biohazards, such as blood or bodily fluids.
  • Disinfection: Using chemical disinfectants to kill any remaining microorganisms.
  • Sanitization: Cleaning and sanitizing the affected area to remove any remaining odors or stains.

Biohazard Clean-Up: Can You DIY?

You have read how serious Biohazards are. DBS Building Services does not recommend cleaning up biohazards on your own.

Not only is it dangerous, but it can also lead to further contamination and the spread of disease.

Professional biohazard cleanup companies have the training, equipment, and experience necessary to safely and effectively clean up biohazards.

Reminder: Our company only provides this service for businesses.



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