Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Smoke

Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Smoke Smell?

If you own a business where customers are often smoking, you know just how difficult it is to get rid of the heavy scent. You might find yourself wondering, “Can carpet cleaning remove smoke?” to address this persistent issue.


We promise: Removing your carpet will not be a solution! We are here to make your life easier! Please, read the rest of this post to find a better alternative!


Does Carpet Cleaning Remove Smoke Smell?

Smoke is a difficult thing to remove. It sticks to surfaces and lingers, which is why it is often the first thing people notice when they walk into a room with the scent of smoke.


Carpet Cleaning will remove the smoke smell, but there is something we seriously need to consider: carpets of an office are not the only surfaces absorbing smoke smell. A few examples are furniture, walls, upholstered, wooden objects, ceilings, and flooring.


Recurring Carpet Cleaning Will Keep Your Business Fresh!

The long-term effects of carpet cleaning and using deodorizers are still in question. But, if you’re looking for an option to keep your carpet smelling fresh and clean, then a recurring carpet cleaning service may be the answer.


The idea behind this service is that it will keep your carpets clean without the need to use harsh chemicals or deodorizers.


It means you won’t have to worry about chemical smells lingering on your carpet. And, with a recurring service, you’ll never have to worry about spills or accidents again.


Recurring Carpet Cleaning is the best option for those concerned with the welfare of customers who do not smoke.


Need a Fresh Start?

DBS Building Services offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services to give you a fresh, clean space to call your own.


Carpet Cleaning is only one of our commercial cleaning services!


Our exclusive, professional-grade equipment can remove stains and odors. Our carpet cleaners have experience removing the most stubborn smells.



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