Care with Construction Clean-up

Care with Construction Clean-up

Care with construction clean-up during the construction phase is crucial as it signifies progress. It is a time to start a new journey for a company and redesign the environment to write a new story. DBS Building Services is willing to be part of any story.

That is why DBS Building Services offers construction cleaning as a service. It requires proper care and it is an opportunity to keep the site clean and free of debris. In this post, we are going to mention some of our priorities with construction clean-up.


Proper Products

The company is professional, responsible, and careful to ensure the care with construction clean-up, so the products used to clean a surface in one room of the facility can be different from products used to clean another room It depends on each situation.


The company is professional, responsible, and careful to ensure that the misuse of products does not harm the health of those who will be using the facility after the clean-up service.

Some items in the checklist may include all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, degreasers, bathroom disinfectants, and so on.


Care with Employee Protection

DBS Building Services cares about employee protection and requires employees to wear gloves and masks when using cleaning products. It avoids skin irritation and other kinds of health issues.


Cleaning Process for Each Room!

During the process, we deposit the waste in a suitable place. We do that for each room of the facility. It keeps the environment completely clean and tidy, even if construction work is undergoing in parallel. 


Specialized Company

We plan with the client the priorities for cleaning according to the logistics of the site. Also, we use the necessary equipment to offer a clean that ensures the safety of everyone on-site, protecting outlets, switches, and eventual electrical wiring to put everyone out of risk.


About Us

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