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Details About Cleaning Government Buildings

When hiring DBS Building Services, particularly our expertise in cleaning government buildings, the clients in these government buildings will experience an unparalleled clean environment. 


We understand the unique demands and protocols involved in cleaning government buildings, and we uphold the highest standards to create a clean and organized workspace.


Each area in the building needs a different cleaning process, and the company uses appropriate cleaning products for each room.


Company's Schedule

In the company’s cleaning schedule, we define the frequency and the order of cleaning in each area in the building. Our cleaning schedule includes all of the areas in our building.

Also, DBS is proactive and communicates about the best processes. Our crew sanitizes stairs, handrails, restrooms, elevators, trash cans, workstations, and doorknobs. There’s so much more, but I don’t want to turn this into a novel.


24/7 Service Availability

It is huge! If you’re in the market for a professional cleaning company, providing this service is essential! 

In addition, one such service is for emergency situations such as spills, or broken pipes, or flooding.


These services need a cleaning company with 24/7 availability who can send out a representative quickly and discreetly. DBS operates after hours, and when a client calls or texts us, we respond promptly.


Using Proper Janitorial Products

A proper set of janitorial products is essential to maintaining a Government Office Building. 


Using the wrong products, whether it be too much or not enough, can leave your office smelling bad and attracting pests. 


Properly maintained floors and walls, with a shine and gloss finish, will bring your office to life.

About us

DBS Building Services is the Government Buildings Cleaning Services that make a lasting first impression. DBS works in Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Utah County.


We pride ourselves in using the latest technology in business cleaning services, leaving you worry-free. With DBS Building Services you’ll have a reliable partner for commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Utah by your side.



We provide Commercial Cleaning in cities around Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo (but not limited to):

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