Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Guide on Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Due to its durability, affordability, and aesthetic appeal, luxury vinyl flooring has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. 


However, like any flooring, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking its best. This article will provide a guide on cleaning luxury vinyl flooring.


Daily Care

The first step in maintaining your luxury vinyl flooring is to perform daily care. This involves sweeping or vacuuming the floor to remove dirt.


You can also use a dry mop to remove any loose particles. It’s important to note that you should avoid using abrasive tools, such as steel wool or scouring pads, as these can scratch the surface of the flooring.


Microfibre Mop

Another effective way to clean luxury vinyl flooring is using a microfibre mop. To use a microfibre mop, dampen the mop head with water and then run it over the floor.


You can also use a cleaning solution specifically designed for luxury vinyl flooring, but follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.


Protect Floors

You can do a few things to avoid vinyl flooring from scratches and damage. First, place doormats at entryways to catch any dirt and debris before it enters your home. You can also use furniture pads on the legs of chairs, tables, and other furniture to prevent scratches. When moving heavy furniture, lift it rather than drag it across the floor.

As a commercial cleaning company, DBS understands the importance of keeping your luxury vinyl flooring in good condition. DBS Commercial Cleaning offers various cleaning services, including floor maintenance and cleaning.


Our trained professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to clean your luxury vinyl flooring deeply, removing dirt, grime, and stains. 



Due to its durability and aesthetic appeal, luxury vinyl flooring is popular among homeowners. To keep your luxury vinyl flooring looking its best, it’s essential to perform daily care, use a microfibre mop, and take steps to protect your floors from scratches and damage.


DBS Commercial Cleaning offers professional cleaning services and can work with you to develop a customized plan to ensure your flooring looks great and lasts for years.


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