How Often Should I Schedule a Windows Cleaning Service

How Often Should I Schedule a Windows Cleaning Service?

Hey, if you think you should schedule a windows cleaning service just when you notice your windows are dirty, I have bad news: You’re not doing it the right way.  


You may be underestimating those who may look at them before you do and think you don’t deserve them as customers because you don’t take care of your business facility.


Why Is Windows Cleaning Not a DIY Job?

We have seen people leaving commercial places for much less than that. And you know why Windows Cleaning is not a DIY job (mainly for a commercial facility)? Because your customers will go to your business to consume what you and your employees sell and not to see you climbing a ladder to clean anything.


How to Find the Right Windows Cleaning Services?

If you want to find the right windows cleaning services, we have a suggestion for steps to take:

1. Call a representative from a company you want to hire.
2. Have them visit you.
3. Use their proposal to compare against at least 1 other proposal to get the best price and services!


At least, it is something DBS Building Services representatives ask prospective clients to do. A chance to visit them and bring a quote for the service!


Benefits of Professional Windows Cleaning

  • Dirt, dust, and other environmental pollutants accumulate at any time of the year. If you don’t remove them, they may affect the window mechanisms.
  • Clean windows are the first line of defense against any temperature. They can assist in preventing drafts, which can save on energy costs.
  • Windows Cleaning Services help keep you safe from burglary. Burglars are less likely to target facilities as potential targets for a break if they see they are well-maintained.
  • You will find more benefits of windows cleaning/windows washing and other cleaning services in our blog!


Have we done a good job informing people about these benefits? Please share this post and visit our blog for more, or if you need  commercial cleaning, contact DBS Building Services and Schedule a Windows Cleaning Service.



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