Is Power Washing Bad

Is Power Washing Bad?

Many people are searching on Google whether Power Washing is bad or good.  


First of all, I want to ask: Bad In which sense? 


Is it bad for the health of people, for business/customers? 


For your property? 

Don’t worry. I will step ahead and answer each of these questions.


Is it Bad For People?

Power washing is not bad. It is the wrong technique can lead to more problems than it solves. 

We will use our experience to tell you how we avoid health issues. Our cleaners wear masks because the hard water can damage their lungs and eyes. 


Is it Bad For Your Business / Customers?

We are still talking about people. We train our crew to use good sense when doing their work, and they do it very well. 


They isolate the perimeter they will power wash, so there is no risk to affect customers. Our power washing services add value to the business of our clients.


Is it Bad For Your Property?

The debate about power washing is ongoing. Look at what I will tell you before making a decision.

Again, it will be bad for your property when someone does it the wrong way. It can damage the paint, the exterior of your building, and even the foundation.


People who hire a company to power wash their business know the perks! Power Washing can be good for their property because it gets rid of dirt and grime. It removes mold from exterior walls, which can lead to health problems.


Power Washing is Good!

Before you decide to power wash, make sure you know what you are getting into first when hiring this service. DBS Building Services has been in the power washing industry for 20 years. The company understands how to deliver high-quality service and an end product. 



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