Stripping and Waxing

Things to Avoid When Stripping and Waxing Your Hard Floors

Stripping and waxing hard floors is a great way to make your floor look new. However, there are certain things that you should avoid when doing it to ensure that the job gets done correctly. These tips will help you avoid these common mistakes:


Chemical is Incompatible With the Floor

The chemicals used to strip and wax are solid, so be careful with them. Never use chemicals on an oil-based floor. If you have vinyl flooring treated with polyurethane, then you should avoid using a stripping solution on that surface.


Improper Dilution of Chemical

Please keep a few things in mind regarding chemical stripping and waxing.


The first thing is that you should always use the correct dilution ratio. You will need to know how much liquid cleaner or wax you are using and what type it is (such as water-based or oil-based). You can also find this information on the label or check with your supplier before buying.


If possible, avoid using incompatible chemicals together—for example, don’t use hot melt glue with floor stripper; if this happens accidentally, though (and it happens!), go ahead and remove any damaged areas ASAP so they don’t get worse!


Improper Dilution of Chemical

Dwell time is when the product must remain wet on the surface for extreme efficiency. Commercial cleaning chemicals require different dwell times based on the chemical formula and procedure.


Dwell times should be between 1-5 minutes, depending on how dirty the floors are and what chemical you use. If it’s too short, your cleaning chemicals won’t penetrate deep enough into hardwood or tile floors to remove dirt stuck between cracks in joints or along seams in tiles (where water doesn’t reach).


The Chemicals Stays on The Floor!

No chemical residue or other remains should be on the Floor after washing. This can cause damage to your Floor and make it easier for dirt and grime to get into it.



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