What are Emergency Cleaning Services?


There are unforeseen events that require businesses to hire emergency cleaning services. 


Emergency cleaning services are natural disasters caused by fire, water, or wind. 


It is why DBS Building Services is here. We never let our partners feel hopeless in case of emergencies like that. 


We are going to approach some of them where we have already helped our clients for almost 20 years. 


Biohazard Clean-up

Many accidents that will demand biohazard emergency care occur in facilities. Our procedures are OSHA standards-compliant; we understand that safety is a must, and we are ready to take the best care of biohazard issues.


Fire Damage

It can be devastating. As a consequence of fire, ceilings, floors, and walls absorb traces of smoke that will require special attention from cleaners to remove. 


Mold Clean-up

Mold can grow overnight pretty quickly. Even one or two days is enough to the humidity achieves your site and cause this misfortune. Our priority is to keep your environment as healthy as it can be.


Sewage Clean-up

It is one of the most delicate emergencies. Besides the cleanup, sewage water damage can spread bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses, causing health issues to children, adults, and older people. We orient our clients to contact us immediately when it strikes.


Storm Damage

Roofs that do not support the combination of rain and wind on stormy days will be the first to damage. It makes storm damage an issue that cleaning companies have to deal with regularly. 


Water Damage

It is one of the most common damages faced by DBS Building Services. It happens when the ice thaw reaches the communities close to Utah Mountains. Also, with random Storms that hit the area the company works.


About Us

With the status of a 24/7 company, DBS Building Services is always there when you call or text us in case of emergency. Our services range from building cleaning to construction cleanup and to stripping and waxing floors.



We provide Commercial Cleaning in cities around Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo (but not limited to):

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