What are Janitorial Services?

Janitorial Services are jobs executed by a janitor.  A janitor is responsible for cleaning and maintaining residential or commercial buildings. By the way, cleaning is the primary responsibility of a janitor.


Places That May Receive Janitorial Services

In this respect, there is a massive search for this kind of service. Janitorial skills are in high demand across the country. 


However, the most popular information on the Internet is janitorial services for businesses. In addition, internet users will search for janitorial services for restaurants, offices, schools, churches, and hospitals.



Why Janitorial Services Are Essential

People who visit different places all the time want to feel comfortable wherever they are. Of course, if they are in a commercial building and it is clean, they will probably spend more money there. 


In addition, it is when a commercial manager realizes that these services add value to their business. The company realizes the importance of having professionals do the maintenance constantly. At this moment, every detail makes a difference.


Why Hiring Janitorial Services


Sometimes, a company spends years trying to achieve a level of excellence within its industry. Hiring competent professionals to provide janitorial services is an amazing idea. It will help maintain that level of excellence.


Besides, when a small business directly hires janitors as their employees. The company will face problems maintaining a standard if these employees need to be absent due to illness or leave.


There are more benefits. For example, potential issues involving an employee would be the responsibility of the contractor. Also, the contractor who employs the janitors can find a replacement if a janitor is out.



About us


DBS Building Services has been providing full janitorial services in the State of Utah since 2002. 


So, every single person in our staff gets careful training! 


They make sure workplaces that receive our services are cleaned in detail for a healthier environment.



We provide Commercial Cleaning in cities around Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo (but not limited to):

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