what is required from janitors

What is Required from Janitors Who Clean Up After Customers

Your guide to understand what is required from janitors

Firstly, use gloves or scoops to collect food scraps, garbage from the floor, tables, and chairs. Dispose of these wastes in appropriate containers.


Secondly, clean up spills with paper towels. Sanitize the area with a cleaning product approved for use on food preparation surfaces.


Thirdly, and equally important, clean up any condensation from beverage dispensers with a towel or cloth so that it does not drip on anything else.


Keep the area around these dispensers clean. That way, there will be no mess when dispensers are being refilled with beverages.


Hire Professional Janitors for Your Restaurant

The restaurant business is busy. It takes a lot of work to make your place look and feel great.


You can’t clean up every day thoroughly, especially when there are so many other things you need to do.


That is why you must hire professional janitors to take care of the cleaning for you.


We know that making an informed decision is difficult, which is why we are giving reasons why a professional janitorial service could be a good investment for your business!



Professional janitors have the experience, so they don’t waste your time with jobs that they are not qualified for.


Also, they’ll take care of all the messes left behind by customers.


It is not a surprise that professional janitors are in high demand. They  have the expertise and equipment needed for all kinds of messes, from food spills to vomit.



DBS Building Services will be able to meet your requirements as a janitorial services company.

Our business understands what is required from janitors. We will keep your kitchen and eating area clean, as well as clean the outside of the building if necessary.



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