About Midvale

Midvale is a city in Salt Lake County, Utah, United States. It is part of the Salt Lake City, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city has a total area of 5.8 square miles.


Midvale is home to the shops at fort union, located on the east side of the city, and the Bingham Junction economic center, located on the west side of the city.


Midvale is centrally located in the most populated county in Utah, with the direct interchange between I15 and I215 located in the middle of the city.


One curiosity about the city is the Midvale City Journal. It is a monthly newspaper delivered to homes in Midvale City. The Journal covers local stories in Sports, Education, City Council, and Local Life. Source: Wikipedia

Tip: Clean the Carpet Before Replacing It

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FAQ – Will Carpet Cleaning Remove Smoke Smell?

Answer: Yes, Carpet Cleaning will remove the smoke smell, but there is something we seriously need to consider: carpets of an office are not the only surfaces absorbing smoke smell.


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