Warehouse Cleaning Services

Warehouse clean-up has never been easier! With our warehouse cleaning services, you will feel like you are in a brand new store the next day. With Warehouse Cleaning, your business will be back to normal in no time! Your Warehouse is Your Business Warehouse cleaning is a necessary but often overlooked aspect of the business.… Continue reading Warehouse Cleaning Services

The Importance of Local Citations For DBS Building Services

For a long time, DBS Building Services has found it essential to have its name present on several Local Citation Websites.    Don’t you know what that means?    Please, read the post to understand what I am talking about.   What is Local Citation? Local Citation is a website that provides a directory of… Continue reading The Importance of Local Citations For DBS Building Services

The Importance of Social Media For DBS Building Services

Following the same logic as Local Citations in our last post, DBS Building Services is also present on Social Media. The goal is the same. People need to see that the company is active and willing to show that DBS Building Services is for sure the best choice for people looking for commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Provo, Ogden,… Continue reading The Importance of Social Media For DBS Building Services

Business Clean-up After Fire Damage

We know how difficult it can be to clean up after a fire. Not only are you dealing with the damage, but you have to clean up. Don’t worry! Call our team! We’ll take care of the mess. We’ve Got Your Back! Fire damage is tough. It is tough to know what to do. Trying… Continue reading Business Clean-up After Fire Damage

Sewer Clean-up

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning service specializing in sewer clean-up, look no further. Your company deserves an office that smells like a clean and new environment, not stale sewage. Sewer Clean-up is one of the most unpleasant tasks for a business. It is not something you want to think about, but it… Continue reading Sewer Clean-up

Mold Removal Services

Are you struggling with mold in your office? Commercial Cleaning Services will provide Mold Cleanse Services to help eliminate the problem before the situation gets worse.   We have a reliable, affordable solution to all your cleaning problems. Fact and Myths Molds are fungi that can grow in damp, moist environments. They live off of organic… Continue reading Mold Removal Services

Industrial Cleaning in Utah

DBS is here for every Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Service in Utah (Salt Lake City, Ogden and Provo Area)! To meet your expectations under any circumstances, we want to talk about something we prepared for our clients. Please, read it until the end! Carpet Cleaning Van We equipped this Van with a Truck Mount Unit! The… Continue reading Industrial Cleaning in Utah

What Are the Best Practices for Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a critical part of any business. Your place will get dirty no matter what! You must have a commercial cleaning company that can provide quality service and maintains the health and safety of your employees, clients, customers, and visitors. The following are some of the best practices for commercial cleaning: Hire a professional company… Continue reading What Are the Best Practices for Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial Cleaning for Kitchen

If you are an Office / Property Manager or even Facility Manager, and you have industrial or commercial kitchen at your business, you cannot miss what you are going to read now: DBS Building Services provides Commercial Cleaning for Kitchens. It is the best way to keep your kitchen clean and organized at your business. With our… Continue reading Commercial Cleaning for Kitchen

8 Ways to Keep Your Medical Office Clean

Medical Office Cleaning We do not want to lose you as a client! We will give you ways to keep your Medical Office Clean, but you still need recurring cleaning from Commercial Cleaning Professionals who will remove the dirt you will not have time to do during Business Hours. Your Environment Reflects Your Care This… Continue reading 8 Ways to Keep Your Medical Office Clean