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Commercial Cleaning Services in Draper-UT

The distance between DBS and Draper is notably close. As a matter of fact, Draper is another city where our company has partners.


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DBS Building Services provides excellent cleaning and disinfection process on business surfaces. With this in mind, we will show the process used:



Firstly, the company uses the most recent technology devices. Regular sprayers are not effective at providing sanitization and disinfection. For that reason, a member of the crew charges a cordless sprayer in order to cover the business surfaces.



Second, and most importantly, the particles attach to the surfaces effectively because of the quality of the product. Additionally, they use chemicals that are much more powerful than other disinfectants like Clorox. 


In conclusion, these products have a one-week shelf life as well as a safe to use in all environments.



About Draper-UT


Draper is identically located in Salt Lake City and Utah Counties due to the geographical area.


Moreover, Draper and Salt Lake City have similar climates. Not to mention the dry winter with very low temperature of both cities.



Also, the city has two Local Media. They are the Draper City Journal and the Draper Family Magazines. These media are equally important for the city. 



For instance, they publish content that involves local government, schools, sports, and other events happening in the city too. In other words, they bring positive influence for the city.

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