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The population of Draper-UT is 48,000. An interesting curiosity about Draper is that the city is a part of two metropolitan areas: a portion in Salt Lake County and another in Utah County.



About the climate, Draper is identical to that of other Salt Lake City suburbs. However, due to being further away from the Great Salt Lake, varied elevation, and from the downtown urban heat island effect, Draper experiences a slightly drier winter, and more extremes in temperatures.


Local Media

About the media involving Draper-UT, The Draper City Journal, a tabloid style newspaper covering local government, schools, sports, and features. Delivered to homes directly monthly by mail.

The Draper Families Magazine, published monthly, features special interest stories about the people who make Draper City their home.

Draper City publishes a bi-monthly city newsletter entitled “The Draper Forward.” This publication is mailed to all of the residents in Draper City.



Also, the average temperatures in winter and summer respectively are 30 °F to 50 °F, and 80 °F to 100 °F. Springs are usually mild and wet, while fall can sometimes become an Indian summer with drier weather.


The moisture from the south usually brings afternoon thunderstorms in July and August. Draper falls on the border of the humid continental/subtropical climatic zones, and is technically a cool/warm semi-arid desert environment, but with summer monsoonal moisture. Snow usually falls regularly from November through March. (Source: Wikipedia)

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