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Welcome to DBS Building Services! Your search for “Top Commercial Cleaning in American Fork” ends here. We are the gold standard for Professional Cleaning Services in American Fork. As American Fork, Utah Cleaning Experts, we bring you impeccable cleaning solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.


Do you wish for a sanitary workspace without the added headache of managing cleaning tasks?

Are you tired of subpar cleaning standards affecting the health and productivity of your staff?

Need a reliable solution that aligns with your sustainability goals?

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Why Choose DBS Building Services?

Here are a few reasons:

Expertise You Can Trust – With decades of experience, DBS Building Services stands proud as American Fork’s Best Commercial Cleaners. Our reputation speaks for itself. A complete satisfaction guarantee backs our work.


Personalized Solutions – We are more than just a commercial cleaning service; we are Utah Business Cleaning Solutions. Our cleaning packages are custom-made to meet the individual needs of your enterprise.

Technology – We use great technology to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly services, making us a top choice for American Fork Office Cleaning.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We’re happy if you are! A complete satisfaction guarantee backs our work.


The DBS Way is The Utah Business Way

DBS Building Services proposes a service with a high standard of hygiene. It involves a list of routine activities such as cleaning floors, stairs, trash cans, elevators, and windows.


Additionally, any surface that the public may have contacts with. This surface is as much important as the first ones mentioned above. It  involves as counters, handrails, carts, and luggage conveyors.


DBS Building Services is a business in service to the companies from Utah for over 20 years. It is not only an advantage for our company, but also a status of credibility.


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