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Commercial Cleaning Services in Bluffdale-UT

Bluffdale-UT was established in 1848 and incorporated at the City of Bluffdale on October 13, 1978. 

In particular, the city is a crossroads for transportation between Salt Lake and Utah Counties. It has open spaces, including views of the Wasatch Range and a stretch of the Jordan River.

The city’s motto is Life Connected because Bluffdale connects 15,000 residents, two counties, and active lifestyles.


Bluffdale has a system of 13 parks. Some of them are Bluffdale City Main Park, Vintage Park, Independence Park, Parry Farms Park, Phillip Gates Memorial Park, and Mount Jordan Park.

The largest park in Bluffdale is Wardle Fields Regional Park, part of the Salt Lake County Parks system. 

Elected Officials

The form of government is a six-member council form. It is the governing body and is composed of the Mayor and five Council members.

The Council has also established the office of City Manager by ordinance. It has delegated the operational and day-to-day management responsibilities, its employees, and services to a professional full-time City Manager. 

The City Manager oversees all City departments and reports directly to the Mayor and City Council.


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