Commercial Cleaning in Bluffdale - UT

Bluffdale is the city where DBS Building Service is located. It is a part of our efforts and success. Not to mention how thankful we are to call this city home. 

Benefits of Cleaning Services

Take a moment to consider all the things that lurk beneath the surface of your business. Different from a clean environment, you can find dust, dirt, allergies, bacteria, pet and human hair, grime, and anything else makes its way in via your employees. 



There are numerous advantages to cleaning your floor on a regular basis. It avoids the transmission of allergens and bacteria, improves air quality, improves the environment’s scent, preserves the appearance by eradicating stains, and saves you money by extending the carpet’s life. 



In the hope that these dangerous allergens don’t affect your business, DBS cleaning machines offers the most current technology available. Also, we use truck-mounted equipment.


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More About the City

Indeed, Bluffdale-UT was founded in 1848. Additionally, the city serves as a transportation hub for Salt Lake and Utah counties. It features plenty of open area with views of the Wasatch Range as well as a portion of the Jordan River. Because Bluffdale unites 15,000 citizens, two counties, and active lifestyles, the motto of the city is “Life Connected.”


For the purpose of providing outdoor activities for its residents, Bluffdale features parks, the largest of which is Wardle Fields Regional Park, which is 40 acres in size. Bluffdale City Main, Vintage, Independence, Parry Farms, Phillip Gates, and Mount Jordan Park are just a few of the others. The government consists of a six-member council. It is the Mayor and five Council members. They serve as the governing body of the city.