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The population of Holladay-UT is 30,636 and the city is in central Salt Lake County, Utah. The city has this name because of one of its settlers. It is one of the best places to live in Utah. Holladay is the oldest continuously settlement in Utah.


Cottonwood, a nearby settlement, was always associated with “Holladay’s Burgh,” and the area name was “Big Cottonwood,” and later, as one of Salt Lake County’s communities, as “Holladay-Cottonwood”.


Another center of settlement is the area settled in the mid-19th century by Rasmus Knudsen, now known as Knudsen’s Corner. This area lies in the extreme southeastern corner of the city and neighbors Cottonwood Heights.

In the 1960s the city received the Cottonwood Mall. The mall closed down in 2007 after a plan to turn the mall into a European-style outdoor shopping village.


The city went through incorporation on November 29, 1999 as Holladay-Cottonwood, and the name changed to Holladay on December 14 of that year. 


Holladay City operated under the “strong mayor” form of government from 1999 until 2003. The mayors of Holladay have been Liane Stillman (1999 to 2001), Dennis Larkin (2001 to 2003), Dennis Webb (2003 to 2014) and Robert Dahle (2014 to present). 


The city’s first manager was Randy Fitts (2003 to 2016). Members of the City Council have included Edward D.P. Lunt, Sandy Thackeray, Steven Peterson, Jim Palmer, Grant Orton, Daniel Bay Gibbons, Jeffrey Fishman, Hugo Diederich, Lynn Pace and Patricia Pignanelli. 


Also, the controlling of commercial development and the preservation of open space have been the chief political issues in Holladay’s recent history. It expanded its borders several times, the most significant expansion was in 2002. (Source: Wikipedia).


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