Commercial Cleaning in Layton - UT

According to Ed Domingues, CEO of DBS Building Services, said that the fact that our company is located between Salt Lake and Utah County provides an absolutely and  significantly benefit in delivering quick services. Not to mention an effective support to clients. 


Besides, he mentioned it should be noted that when someone calls up DBS to give a free quote to prospective clients, the company employees are always encouraged to say that DBS Building Services is locally owned and operated. For this reason, it is always around.

DBS Building Services also states that to succeed as a commercial cleaning company, it is crucial to be close by. 


In the same way, being available 24/7 and responsive to provide the client easy contact access such as email, phone, or text messaging to resolve any emergencies immediately is important. Without a doubt, DBS specializes on commercial cleaning services. In addition, the logistical accessibility for emergency support is critical to the company’s success.


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More About Layton

Firstly, the town’s population slowly grew. At that time, it was around 600 people in 1940. The establishment of Hill Air Force Base to the north in 1940 resulted in a significant increase in population. 


Secondly, as a result of the influx of war workers, the The region swelled. Differing from the beginning, the 1950 census recorded 3,456 residents. 


Thirdly, and most importantly, from a rural village to a residential neighborhood, Layton grew into a city. 


Subsequently, after the war, not only Layton grew slowed, but also it continued to grow as a suburban bedroom city. Consequently, individuals who weren’t employed at the Air Force base were also commuting either to Salt Lake City, Ogden, or other areas anyways.