Commercial Cleaning in Sandy - UT

DBS Building Services offers commercial cleaning services in Sandy – UT. Sandy is one of the major cities in Salt Lake County. We are proud to work here. We are privileged to have a few dozen partners in this area – commercial buildings that benefit from our work. That is where we offer our high-quality cleaning services.


Our Experience

When our team goes to a new business to give a free quote, we tell them who our clients are. We can immediately see in their eyes the respect for our job. We have been working in this area for 20 years. During these years, no matter how big the crisis was, cleanliness always came first. Every time our clients call us outside of business hours, we are there! 


Your Customer Deserves Your Best

The best feeling is to know that your customers expect to find what they are looking for when they come to your business, and you can provide it for them. You know that your customer deserves the best that you can give. That is the benefit we can provide to you. We are a 24/7 company, and while we are with you, your customer will find the cleanest working environment you can offer.


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Commercial Cleaning Services DBS Provides:

About us

Our organization is taking steps to become more environmentally friendly. Obviously, it is setting an example for others to follow so that everyone benefits. Also, Green Cleaning is used by our staff in order to make your surroundings safer, protect your health, improve air quality, and aid the environment. DBS Building Services is dedicated to making a difference during this critical time of recovery in the hope that everything remains organized.

DBS Building Services provides commercial cleaning services ranging from carpet to janitorial services. The company works in Salt Lake City (including Sandy, UT), Utah County, Park City, and the Ogden Area. Please, complete the form on this page to get a free quote!