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Education Cleaning

Education Cleaning

Education Cleaning contributes to everyone. Students, teachers, and other employees spend lots of hours at school.

Libraries with a reasonable amount of books can cause allergies for those who access these materials for reading. It is why DBS Building services offer to help with education cleaning.

An educational environment must be at a high level continuously. It is necessary to use the right products to keep the students out of health risks.

It is crucial to pay attention to places with less flow of people. Cabinets, shelves, and tops of appliances tend to accumulate dust more quickly and need to be cleaned preferably with a damp cloth.

Public education in Utah follows the K-12 system in which students attend primary and secondary schools of which there are three kinds throughout the state: public, charter, and private.

The Utah State Board of Education oversees all public education legislation and standards, including all public and charter schools.

There are currently forty-two public school districts with a total student population of 666,858 and a student-teacher ratio of 1:21. The approved education budget for the 2020 fiscal year was $5.6 billion, and the graduation rate for 2019 was 87.4%.

In addition to public and charter, approximately 166 private schools are operating throughout the state.

Utah has eight public colleges and universities within the System of Higher Education.

The system is governed by the state legislated Utah State Board of Regents, whose members are appointed by the governor.

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The DBS Way Is The Utah Business Way

DBS Building Services proposes a continuous service with a high standard of hygiene involving a list of routine activities such as: 

  • cleaning floors
  • stairs 
  • trash cans 
  • elevators 
  • windows 

Also, any surface that the public may have contacts with:

  • counters
  • handrails
  • carts
  • luggage conveyors.

DBS Building Services is a business in service to Utah’s companies for over 15 years.