Biohazard Clean Up

Prepare yourself for this reading. It may sound too technical, but this topic demands this type of language. Biohazards refer to any biological substance that poses a threat to the health of living organisms, including humans. It includes things like blood, bodily fluids, and certain microorganisms. Also, this blog post will show you why Biohazard… Continue reading Biohazard Clean Up

What To Do After Water Damage

Look at this: “We will be there for you even if you do not plan us to be there” or “We are the last people you expected to see today, but the first ones to make you smile.” It is what we expect to say or think when we encounter any emergency. We will not… Continue reading What To Do After Water Damage

Cleaning Services After Storm Damage

It is impossible. You will worry after experiencing storm damage! After that, you may face water damage and bio-contamination. We offer commercial cleaning services after water and storm damage! We will take care of all the dirt and debris while you focus on repairing other stuff of your business. When Disaster Strikes Cleaning services after storm… Continue reading Cleaning Services After Storm Damage

Business Clean-up After Fire Damage

We know how difficult it can be to clean up after a fire. Not only are you dealing with the damage, but you have to clean up. Don’t worry! Call our team! We’ll take care of the mess. We’ve Got Your Back! Fire damage is tough. It is tough to know what to do. Trying… Continue reading Business Clean-up After Fire Damage

Sewer Clean-up

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning service specializing in sewer clean-up, look no further. Your company deserves an office that smells like a clean and new environment, not stale sewage. Sewer Clean-up is one of the most unpleasant tasks for a business. It is not something you want to think about, but it… Continue reading Sewer Clean-up

Mold Removal Services

Are you struggling with mold in your office? Commercial Cleaning Services will provide Mold Cleanse Services to help eliminate the problem before the situation gets worse.   We have a reliable, affordable solution to all your cleaning problems. Fact and Myths Molds are fungi that can grow in damp, moist environments. They live off of organic… Continue reading Mold Removal Services

Electrostatic Disinfection Program (ElectroClean)

We have the equipment to provide a thorough cleaning and disinfection of your surfaces with our ElectroClean program. For it, we use the latest in technological development. Electrostatic Disinfection Definition It is a method used to coat surfaces with a disinfecting solution using a specialized sprayer. Also, the objective is to cover as much as possible,… Continue reading Electrostatic Disinfection Program (ElectroClean)

What are Emergency Cleaning Services?

There are unforeseen events that require businesses to hire emergency cleaning services.  Emergency cleaning services are natural disasters caused by fire, water, or wind. It is why DBS Building Services is here. We never let our partners feel hopeless in case of emergencies like that. We are going to approach some of them where we have… Continue reading What are Emergency Cleaning Services?