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Government Building Cleaning

Government Building

When hiring DBS Building Services, the clients in the government buildings will work in a clean environment. It will help them make the best decisions for our population.


Each area in the building needs a different cleaning process, and the company uses appropriate cleaning products for each room.


In the company’s cleaning schedule, we define the frequency and the order of cleaning in each area in the building. 


Also, DBS is proactive and communicates about the best processes. Our crew sanitizes stairs, handrails, restrooms, elevators, trash cans, workstations, and doorknobs.

DBS Building Services is available 24/7. The company operates after hours, and when a client calls or texts us, we respond promptly.

The DBS Way Is The Utah Business Way

DBS Building Services proposes a continuous service with a high standard of hygiene involving a list of routine activities such as: 

  • cleaning floors
  • stairs 
  • trash cans 
  • elevators 
  • windows 

Also, any surface that the public may have contacts with:

  • counters
  • handrails
  • carts
  • luggage conveyors.

DBS Building Services is a business in service to Utah’s companies for over 15 years.