Recycling is not only the right thing to help the environment. It is something that can help your business’s bottom line. 


If you recycle things like cans, glass, paper and other materials, that means there’s less going into those waste bins and dumpsters every week. 


And since your business likely pays some type of waste management fee, you can potentially save on those bills by producing less waste. 

Recycling Process

The recycling process starts when the waste or recyclable material comes into the plant for sorting. Do you have a recycling program?


This question can be answered by DBS Building Services professionals who have been in this industry for years.


If you create a recycling program and track your results to show that you’re producing less waste, you can potentially work with your waste management service to negotiate a lower fee, saving your business money in the long run.


Get to know our recycling programs.

Benefits of Recycling Program

Furthermore, Organizations that implement effective recycling programs see many benefits. 


They can reduce the amount of trash they produce, help to minimize their carbon footprint, reduce the number of vehicles needed to transport items, and more!


A good recycling program is not difficult to implement. All it takes is a little determination and time. 

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