Carpet Cleaning in Saratoga Springs – UT

Carpet Cleaning Guarantee – Make sure you ask the carpet company you are considering whether or not they have a guarantee. Good companies should have some sort of guarantee, whether it’s two weeks or 30 days. 


This guarantee should include an additional cleaning free of charge in case problems arise with their original work. If the company does not include any guarantee, this is probably a sign you shouldn’t hire them.


DBS Building Services is the right option for you who are struggling to get a clean carpet you deserve to have! Visit our website and learn more about our services.


What Kind of Guarantee Do You Offer for Carpet Cleaning Services if Something Goes Wrong?

Answer: If something goes wrong during the carpet cleaning process, the liability insurance is US$5,000,000.00. Please ask us for more details about this during the in-office or home estimate.

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More About Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs is a city in Utah County. The city is a relatively new development along the northwestern shores of Utah Lake. Saratoga Springs is part of the Alpine School District. Due to rapid population growth, Saratoga Springs had to build several elementary schools, followed by its junior high and high schools.


A cultural aspect about Saratoga Springs is that the city is one of the few American cities in the 21st century to have started a municipal library with most of the donations coming from volunteers.  


The library also provides additional programs for residents including science nights, story times, Wiggle Worms, a literacy center, and test proctoring. 


Source: Wikipedia