Stripping & Waxing

What does it provide?

First impressions matter. The condition your floor is in is one of the first things noticed. Dull and scratched up floors give the wrong first impression, and don’t last as long. That’s why it’s necessary to remove the old wax – we call this stripping – and then apply a fresh new coat of wax to return the floors to a good-as-new condition.

Some of the fantastic benefits of proper maintenance of your floors:
  • Prevents tiles lifting: Once the protective coating wears off, it leaves tile vulnerable. Once water and other debris enters the tiles, the glue starts to wear off, causing unwanted lifting of tiles.
  • A great first impression: have you ever walked into a store and looked at the shiny floors and they looked so shiny you thought “wow” in your head? That’s the reaction newly waxed floor gets, every time.
  • Prevents staining and discoloration: constant foot traffic can cause the color and shine to dull and sometimes become discolored.
  • Prevents scratching: Due to traffic and wearing of the wax coating, scratches can and do occur frequently without regular upkeep.
We specialize in VCT or Vinyl Composite Tile Flooring in these buildings:
  • commercial facilities of all kinds
  • office buildings, restaurants, hotels
  • schools, universities & colleges
  • churches of all sizes
  • theme parks, airports, industrial warehouses
  • Medical facilities

Protect your floor and save money in the long-run by maintaining proper maintenance of your floors. The “wow’s” you will hear will let you know you made the right choice.

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