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The Most Common Janitorial Supplies for a Restroom

DBS Building Services cares about the hygiene of the businesses and employees who receive our janitorial services. This post explains the most common janitorial supplies that our company uses when cleaning restrooms.

By the way, it doesn’t matter if the restroom is small or large. The items below can be refilled and customized to the size of the company.

Paper Towel

A Paper Towel Dispenser is crucial for the use of Paper Towels. Using a cloth towel is not a hygienic solution when there is a flux of different people using the restroom all day long. Our crew refills it regularly because it is pretty used to dry hands.

Toilet Paper

We suggest using a Toilet Paper Dispenser to support larger toilet paper rolls. It brings convenience for the user and supply saving for the company.

Hand Soap

It is more comfortable, hygienic, and pleasant to use a Hand Soap Dispenser attached to the restroom wall. It makes Hand Soap is easy to refill and practical for hand washing.

Trash Bags

People throw more than Paper Towels into a Trash Bin. This garbage accumulates fast and needs to be constantly changed. For these reasons, we suggest the most suitable and durable Trash Bags, depending on the size of the restroom.


Cleaners help reduce the spread of germs and eliminate part of the odors caused by them. At the time of evaluation, our company suggests the best type of cleaner for the company, which will keep the restroom looking the best.

Air Freshener

An Air Freshener is always welcome to make sure the restrooms smelling fresh and clean. It makes a positive impact to eliminate the odors. Air Fresheners are automatic and easy to maintain. It brings a great experience to the user.

Hand Sanitizer

Placing a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser outside the restroom can help employees who struggle with the fact that they touch a doorknob full of bacteria. It can make them feel more confident and cleaner to return to their workplace.

About us

DBS Building Service website has a page exclusively about Janitorial Services. Go there and fill out the form to get a free quote.

DBS Building Services has been providing full janitorial services in the State of Utah since 2002. So, every single person in our staff gets careful training! They make sure workplaces that receive our services are clean in detail for a healthier environment and with enough janitorial supplies.

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