Advantages of Stripping and Waxing

Advantages of Stripping and Waxing

Come check the Advantages of Stripping and Waxing


Looking at the floor is the first thing someone does when entering an office or facility. Do you want to cause a great impression on people who step into your study or workplace?  Stripping and Waxing can be the solution for it.


Definition of Stripping and Waxing

It means removing old layers of wax and applying new ones. It increases the longevity and the conservation of the floor. 


After done, in many cases, you cannot say if the floor is brand new or older because this process makes the floor looks so beautiful.


Why Stripping and Waxing

First impressions matter. The condition your floor is in is one of the first things noticed. Dull and scratched-up floors give the wrong first impression and don’t last as long. 


That is why it is necessary to remove the old wax – we call this stripping – and then apply a fresh new coat of wax to return the floors to a good-as-new condition.


Benefits of Floor Maintenance

Once the protective coating wears off, it leaves tile vulnerable. Once the water and other debris enter the tiles, the glue starts to wear off, causing unwanted lifting of tiles.


Have you ever walked into a store and looked at the shiny floors, and they looked so shiny you thought “wow” in your head? That’s the reaction the newly waxed floor gets every time.


Due to traffic and wearing of the wax coating, scratches frequently can occur without regular upkeep. Constant foot traffic can cause the color and shine to dull and sometimes become discolored. 


DBS Building Services wants you to protect your floor and save money in the long run. The “wow’s” you will hear will let you know you made the right choice.


About Us

We hope you have enjoyed the Advantages of Stripping and Waxing. DBS Building Services provides the best stripping and waxing services in Utah. We specialize in Vinyl Composite Tile Flooring in Commercial Facilities, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Churches, Parks, Airports, Industrial Warehouses, and Medical Facilities.


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